Tap water is not equal to aquarium water

Without an appropriate source water, sensible aquaristics is hardly possible. In many cases, the combination of tap water and aquarium can work well, but for the provision of optimal conditions for individual fish, invertebrates and plants, the German Drinking Water Ordinance can not be used. Many parameters that stain tap water, such as trophic substances or coloration, are completely normal in the natural biotope. On the other hand, certain ingredients in tap water are considered completely unproblematic, such as phosphates (these may even be added), but pose major problems for the aquarium.

Aging of the aquarium water

In addition, the water is also continuously changed by the use in the aquarium. The water in the aquarium changes permanently due to the input of dust, food and plant fertilizer and also the excretions of the animals and plants, but also the dissolving out of minerals and other molecules from the decorative objects and technical installations. Certain substances are consumed, others accumulate. Therefore, the water must be changed regularly.

Not all water changes are the same

In order to make these changes as convenient as possible, i.e. as infrequent and as little as possible, for the aquarist on the one hand and as effective as possible for the aquarium on the other, Panta Rhei has developed appropriate water treatment agents. With Panta Lith, Panta Sorb 1 and Panta Sorb 2 the accumulation of unwanted substances can be reduced. This applies not only during operation, but also before the water change for the fresh water. First, the change water is prepared with the three conditioners to obtain the best possible fresh water and in the next step, the change interval can be extended by continuously adding it to the aquarium.
Water Care

Water treatment For natural water conditions in...

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