Panta Nouri Fish food

The new Panta Nouri fish food is unique!

Panta Nouri fish food consists exclusively of high quality ingredients that fish find in their natural environment in the same or similar way. Crustaceans, fish products, algae, stream fleas, mussels, flower pollen and other natural ingredients can be found in or near most natural waters. Panta Nouri does not contain grains or legumes. Panta Rhei deliberately avoids artificial colors or attractants in the composition of the feed. The food was developed for fish and NOT for aquarists! There the color plays a subordinate role. Foods for ornamental fish that contain cereals, soy, other legumes, turkey or beef heart are NOT natural. Fish do not have access to such food in the wild. Panta Nouri was designed to give aquarists the opportunity to feed their animals a very natural diet. Frozen food is considered to be near-natural food. However, its quality is decisively influenced by the processing and the delivery routes. Frozen feeds lose their quality very quickly if the cold chain is interrupted. The quality of Panta Nouri always remains at the highest level. In addition, Panta Nouri contains many different high-quality ingredients in one granulate.

The assortment

  • Panta Nouri Omnivor
  • Panta Nouri Carnivor
  • Panta Nouri Herbivor
  • Panta Nouri Aufwuchs
  • Panta Nouri Anflug
  • Panta Nouri Wood
  • Panta Nouri Plankton
  • Panta Nouri Sponge
  • Panta Nouri Polyp

Feeding complex

Panta Nouri foods cover the nutritional requirements of almost all ornamental fish. Only some fish do not eat dry food, actually... Piranhas, for example, could not be fed with dry food until now. They cannot resist a preparation from Panta Nouri CARNIVOR. The granules are mixed with water in a ratio of 1:2. The granules are mixed with water in a ratio of 1:2 and can be formed into larger chunks, which are given to the piranhas. After a short period of habituation, the predatory tetras eat this food. A preparation of Panta Nouri AUFWUCHS can be spread wonderfully on stones. Many food specialists such as L catfish, fin suckers or East African cichlids love this natural form of presentation.

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