Hydro Wizard® Flow pumps

Flow in the aquarium

The Hydro Wizard® is a model series of flow pumps and is used to generate laminar flows in aquariums, ponds and similar bodies of water. Energy-efficient circulation of water is the basic function of this flow pump. "Dead zones" can thus be avoided. Wave simulations can be run with the help of the controller, whereby wave height and wave length are adjustable. It is used to simulate river flows, tides and surges. Injection of oxygen or CO2 into the system can be done efficiently. The Hydro Wizard® is designed for use in freshwater and seawater.
The Hydro Wizard® with the ECM 63 motor represents the medium size of the Hydro Wizard family. Due to the materials used, it can be used in all conceivable environments of zoos and parks.
The Hydro Wizard® ECM 75 is used in large aquariums all over the world. With a maximum flow rate of 160,000 l/h, these flow pumps are suitable for even the largest aquarium systems.


With the help of the USB interface, you can program and control all flow pump variants with the aid of a PC and the Panta Logic software supplied. This gives you all the display control functions of the larger series with the Hydro Wizard ECM 42. Simply network several pumps and create your own profiles. Future-proof guaranteed: Our new Panta Sun aquarium lighting, which is currently under development, will also be controllable using the existing software.