Water treatment

For natural water conditions in your aquarium

Without an appropriate source water, sensible aquaristics is hardly possible. In many cases, the combination of tap water and aquarium can work well, but for the provision of optimal conditions for individual fish, invertebrates and plants, the German Drinking Water Ordinance can not be used. In addition, the water is also continuously changed by the use in the aquarium. The water in the aquarium is permanently changed by the input of dust, food and plant fertilizer and also the excretions of the animals and plants, but also the dissolving of minerals and other molecules from the decoration objects and technical installations. Certain substances are consumed, others accumulate. Therefore, the water must be changed regularly. In order to make these changes as comfortable as possible, i.e. as infrequent and as little as possible, for the aquarist on the one hand, and as effective as possible for the aquarium on the other, Panta Rhei has developed a corresponding water treatment system.

Panta Sorb 2

Binds colorants and toxins

Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums. Panta Sorb 2 is a high performance activated carbon with excellent adsorption properties and optimized pore structure. Reliably removes unwanted macromolecules from aquarium and tap water. Panta Sorb 2 does not alter pH or conductivity.

Application: Place Panta Sorb 2 at a point of the aquarium with good flow, e.g. in the external filter. The granulate is placed in a filter bag for this purpose. Replace exhausted granules after 4 to 6 weeks if the dosage is correct. Better to use a small amount of Panta Sorb 2 and replace more frequently.

Dosage: 100 g Panta Sorb 2 is sufficient for the treatment of 2,000 l tap water. For short-term removal of color stains or medication residues use 60 g Panta Sorb 2 per 100 l aquarium water. For permanent treatment use 100 g Panta Sorb 2 per 100 l aquarium water. Depending on loads, dosage recommendations may vary.

Instructions for use: Tap water may contain substances harmful to animals such as pesticides, herbicides, plasticizers and heavy metal compounds. These substances are reliably retained by Panta Sorb 2. The aquaristic relevant water parameters are hardly influenced. In marine aquariums, Panta Sorb 2 also retains desirable substances such as iodine. In this case, regular shock treatment with Panta Sorb 2 and sufficient dosing of the retained substances is recommended. Optimal in combination with Panta Sorb 1. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Panta Lith

Reduces pollutants in aquarium water

Immediately suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums. Panta Lith is a water conditioner made of various high performance zeolites. Panta Lith binds dyes, chlorine, heavy metals, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. Ideal for quickly eliminating signs of poisoning, filter failure or fresh water treatment.

Application: Shake Panta Lith vigorously before use, this distributes the highly effective fine solids evenly in the liquid. Then immediately measure the appropriate amount according to the dosage instructions with the enclosed measuring cup and add to the aquarium water. Ensure good and even distribution!

Dosage: Add 20 ml of Panta Lith per 100 l of fresh water at each water change. Between water changes, the optimal dosage per week is 10 ml for low stocking, 20 ml for normal stocking and 40 ml for high stocking per 100 l of aquarium water.

Instructions for use: Panta Lith is a suspension. If left to stand for a long time, the highly effective fine zeolites will settle to the bottom of the bottle. Shake vigorously to ensure good distribution in the bottle. After adding to the aquarium, a slight gray turbidity appears. This is intentional and indicates an even distribution of the active ingredients in the water body. An overdose is not to be expected if used properly.

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